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Digital Marketing

E-marketing is known as digital marketing and refers to promotional activities and efforts that are conducted through the Internet and various digital channels. To advertise brands, their products, and services. It uses all electronic media to reach target audiences and attract potential customers, in addition to retaining existing consumers and building brand identity online. It also aims to facilitate commercial transactions and achieve the marketing goals of companies, especially as it gives users more convenience and meets their needs at more competitive prices. Thus, e-marketing differs from the traditional one in the essence of the communication medium, as it relies on the web mainly to conduct all marketing practices such as: promotion, advertising, selling, data analysis of advertising campaigns, and so on.

Traditional marketing is based on offline strategies. What is the importance of e-marketing? Companies of all sizes need e-marketing strategies to grow and thrive, as they help you communicate with a larger audience that traditional marketing cannot reach, giving you a great opportunity to expand your customer base and enhance brand credibility and trust.



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